Jun 18, 2013

So, first post. I do intend to use this blog to write about things that matter. There are a lot of social issues that I care deeply about, I am interested in but not very well informed about politics, and I have a wide variety of ideas regarding religion. That being said I am also a dork and will inevitably end up posting goofy crap as well.

I hope to write some original stuff as well as comment on material written by others. Open discussion is welcome and encouraged. I will probably do some commenting, but for the most part would like to stay out of the comments section. All opinions, world views and perspectives are welcome, but trolls and hate speech will not be tolerated. Please do not make me have to moderate the comments.

Suggestions for topics are always welcome. That includes interesting articles or anything else you think I may like. Sending me a link or a short message through the “Contact me” widget is the best way to do so. Also, feel free to contact me about anything. I welcome feedback, including criticism.

Lastly, this is the first time I have done this. That means I will inevitably and unfortunately make mistakes. Please endeavor to be understanding as I learn to internet. Also, because I am figuring this out as I go, this blog will probably look different every other day until it looks good or I give up.