Jul 29, 2013

A good article about SCCL

Seeing as almost no one has visited my blog so far and I have only had one comment I am pretty much assuming that the few views I have gotten are from close friends who feel some sort of obligation.

Most of the close friends I have that would feel that obligation probably found the link to my blog on Facebook and therefore probably also know that I spend a decent amount of time on a Facebook group called Stuff Christian Culture Likes (SCCL).

This is a blog post written by one of the other group members who has been there longer than I have. I want to post this because I feel like it gives a fair and balanced look at what SCCL is and why people are there and why I am there. I don’t agree with everything the author says, but I still think it is a fair assessment and a good summary.

Before I post the link I want to post the "about" section from SCCL’s Facebook page. This will help give some context for those who have stumbled upon SCCL but don’t really know what it is.

“This blog is devoted to the stuff American evangelical culture likes.

This forum is for people who have been harmed by Christian culture. This page is a safe space for people who have never had a place where they can speak their true feelings that don't look pretty. After we get this out (and it often takes awhile to recover from because it was drilled into us for so long) we can emerge with true positivity and hope. It is such a beautiful thing when abuse survivors can offer the world something more than their sneer. Until then, they can vent here. I completely understand if it's not your scene.”

Now if I was good at the internet I would be able to reblog this article, (that is a thing right? Reblogging?) but I’m not so here is a link.

Oh and cause this is kinda serious I thought I would post a picture of a cat eating pizza.


  1. I am not a close friend, I do not feel obligated, and I have been following for a few weeks. Be heartened.

  2. Awesome, I really appreciate you commenting.


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