Aug 12, 2013

Atheists in the Military

I posted this on Facebook a couple days ago, and I got some but not a whole lot of reaction from it. I’m interested in finding out if people disagree with this article and if so why?
Here’s a link here and there is another one down below:

This is the preface I put on the article on Facebook.

So everyone probably knows how big I am on separation of church and state. (I know the specific phrase isn’t in the constitution, I know where it came from, and no, I don’t want to argue over which founding father said what about religion and politics).

This is one of those places where they have been linked inappropriately. 
Think what you will, but please bear in mind that EVERY citizen has just as much right not to believe in God as you have to believe in God (or vice versa if you’re an atheist). This goes for other religions too, but that isn’t the point of this article.
Please remember that freedom of religion does not mean freedom to be a Christian.


  1. I don't find this a bit surprising. I think the government does what it can to manipulate people of faith (we definitely have proven ourselves to be gullible...over and over and over), so having mindless people-drones works to their advantage...

    Do note: I'm not anti-faith, and I'm not anti-military (I think that, in itself, is a naive position).

    1. I agree that manipulation is almost certainly a factor. My biggest concern however, is that these policies promote Christian supremacy and normativity. We have the freedom to choose our religion or lack there of and not be discriminated against in any way by our government. This is essentially our government saying that people who don't have faith are lesser. I refuse to believe that a person's value or even mental stability is dependent on their beliefs in higher powers.

      I am not anti-faith or anti-military either. That being said I bet a lot of Christian groups and military supporters would say that I am anti-both.

      I am most certainly pro-freedom and equality. And I will loudly complain over the internet at those who try to take people's rights. Even if it is Christians. (Oh wow, looks like I have a liberal agenda)


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