Aug 12, 2013

Worst Conspiracy Ever

What in the world would be the motivation for making up climate change? I’m going to side with the vast majority of scientists on this one. Oh, and the fact that there is really no evidence or even reason for a conspiracy. Also, it has always been really baffling to me why conservative Christians seem to be some of the loudest voices claiming climate change isn't occurring. 

On the one hand Christian’s track record with science is pretty bad, but taking care of God’s creation and being good stewards of all plants and animals is literally a command given to all of humanity in the Bible. Let’s work on some consistency here folks, and maybe realize that we shouldn't fuck over the earth for money.


  1. "On the one hand Christian’s track record with science is pretty bad" - disagree. This should say "modern Christian's track record" because so many of the leading scientists throughout history were people of faith.

    And John-trying-to-internet: governments will use anything they can for power and control. I'm not saying climate change isn't real, just saying they will manipulate anything in their reach in order to make more laws and more taxes. (I'm not a republican, I'm a realist.)

  2. I didn't mean to condemn Christian scientists but the reception that Christendom as a whole has had of science for many many years. (Yes it is worse recently but it has been bad for a very long time). Galileo comes to mind, but there were others. I'm certain there are many many brilliant and objective Christian scientists now and throughout history. The problem is the church often doesn't like what they have to say.

    Fair enough, but the power and money is most certainly a factor on both sides. I know there has to be political, power, and profit motivations for the proponents of global warming but I don't know what they are. On the other hand, the profit and power that huge corporations get by denying global warming is pretty overt.


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